Transit Tuesday – Whoops, We Missed National Train Day at Grand Central Terminal

I should be writing about National Train Day in New York City, which happened yesterday, May 12. Amtrak stopped serving Grand Central Terminal in 1991 after an old freight line along the Hudson allowed north-bound trains from the dire and decrepit Pennsylvania Station to connect with old New York Central lines over the bridge at Spuyten Duyvil. However, when we went to line up to visit the exhibit train at New York’s Grand Central Terminal, about 200 people were already in line below an old chalk board reporting long distance trains, left as is over 40 years ago . The other exhibits about high speed rail, train food, and miniature rail displays were swamped.

Grand Central Terminal. RL Fifield, 2011.

Seeing as we had other errands, with a pang, we decided to pass. There’s some glitches in this document, but you can look at the various cars on display here. And while we moved on to Union Square for some flower buying at the Greenmarket, I’m cheered that so many New Yorkers showed up for National Train Day. But I shouldn’t be surprised: the event was bound to be popular with transit-savvy Northeast Corridor dwellers who know that train travel is where it’s at for the closely conneced cities along the east coast.

In other rail news, Grand Central Terminal was added to the list of National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark on Tuesday, joining the Erie Canal and Hoover Dam. Check out the New York Time blog for more information.