National Maritime Grants Available

Deadline September 23, 2014

SS Columbia. Washington Rural Heritage.

SS Columbia. Washington Rural Heritage.

Maritime museums can get a real boost this year from $1.7 million available through the Maritime Heritage Program. The total grant amount over the next four years is $7 million. How, during these straightened times, did the Council of American Maritime Museums advocate successfully for this funding through MARAD (U.S. Maritime Administration) and the National Park Service?

This grant money was secured through the scrapping of obsolete ships in the National Defense Reserve Fleet. Congratulations to the CAMM for creative and persistent advocacy to obtain this funding.

Grants are available to state, tribal and local governments, as well as private non-profit organizations. Both education and preservation projects will be funded. This is an excellent arrangement, recognizing that ensuring access to collections is securely linked to preservation. Education projects can request $25,000-50,000; preservation projects can request $50,000-200,000. The application deadline is September 23, 2014. See more program details here.

Do you need assistance making sure your institution’s preservation grant application makes a great case for funding? Contact me at 617.212.1468 or email me here.