Curious Objects: Portrait Collages at the National Portrait Gallery

I was killing time before my talk for the Washington Conservation Guild on February 7. The old Patent Office serves as the home to two Smithsonian Institution museums, the National Portrait Gallery, and the American Art Museum. The Patent Office … Continue reading

Wanderlust Wednesday: Rediscovering DC’s Streescapes

DC’s downtown streetscapes are being resuscitated in scraps and snippets. Whitewashing idealism and urban renewal threatened to wipe clean the historical texture of the scrappy American capital throughout the 20th century. Historic buildings that once didn’t fit model image of America of … Continue reading

Transit Tuesday: BeyondDC

Planning, history, transit, historic preservation, mixed-use. It’s in nice combination on J. Daniel Malouff’s blog, BeyondDC.  Mr. Malouff is an urban planner who works for the Arlington County Department of Transportation. A quick sampling of his blog yields new renderings for … Continue reading