Fighting Writing: Musings on the Recalcitrant Pen

Does a battle assume there has been a victory? Writing has a threshold that must be crossed, marking the departure from everyday life and its patterns.┬áThe space writing affords can be threatening to the underpinnings of everything else. Writing lives … Continue reading

Writing Fiction – Business Trips Aren’t a Loss

Business travel breeds ideas. My business trips involve some off days, waiting around at my destination, combined with really long stretches of being “on.” Combine that with jet lag, and ideas that I’ve stowed away in the corners of my … Continue reading

Transportation Tuesday: Amtrak Fiction

I’ve been working on a short story for years about a friendship slipping into an unfamiliar place. One of these days I’ll fish it out of the muck. In my book (ha), trains are good places for writing, and good … Continue reading