Transit Tuesday: Parade of Trains at Grand Central Terminal

Next weekend is GCT’s Parade of Trains (May 11/12, 2013), New York City’s contribution to Amtrak’s National Train Day programĀ (so if you don’t live in NYC, check out an event near you). Last year we were floored by the ribbon … Continue reading

Transit Tuesday: Grand By Design Exhibition at Grand Central

After a boozy brunch with Dr. V’s cousins, we wandered up the sunny side of the street to Grand Central Terminal, celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. The former waiting room space is used for exhibitions and events, and currently … Continue reading

Transit Tuesday – Whoops, We Missed National Train Day at Grand Central Terminal

I should be writing about National Train Day in New York City, which happened yesterday, May 12. Amtrak stopped serving Grand Central Terminal in 1991 after an old freight line along the Hudson allowed north-bound trains from the dire and … Continue reading